RIC-Rose Cooperation Nepal is non profit, non government, and apolitical, secular organization. It has been working in the past and present free health camp, against women trafficking, prisoners rehabilitation program, preschool for children, free oral health clinic for children, female pelvic organ prolapsed awareness program, Drug/Alcohol treatment/rehabilitation / prevention/ awareness and related mental health program to the school/college and community. The team of this organization came from various backgrounds with an experience of more than 25 years. But formally our team is working since 1999 against addiction. RIC-Rose has helped more than 10,000 individuals / families through residential program and more than 1, 00000 high school and college students educated about negative consequences drug/alcohol used. Our organization is conducting weekly meditation retreat program since few years. The NAIKAN is one of the retreats which are Japanese art of self reflection.
We are involved in emergency relief program like flooding and earthquake to support victimize people mentally and economically.


We do several activities in order to achieve our goal. We use eastern and western both model. Mindfulness, NAIKAN, Vipassana based Aanapana[breathing exercises] , Patanjali based Yoga, Therapeutic Community model [based on European model through democracy process “Community as method”], lecture session based on Hazelden literature, seminar and personal sharing session, individual counseling, Group therapy, family therapy, day care, reentry house for students and job holders and weekly NAIKAN or any other retreat depends on clients request.


We want to develop and construct a free retreat cum but rehabilitation center based on therapeutic community model,   Psycho Spiritual integrated model on body, mind, emotions and spirit for mental health, addiction and all kind of psychological or behavior problems.